Training Parameters for Middle School Distance Runners (Going into 6th)

Welcome to the sport of distance running!  As a new runner coming into the sport, it can be difficult to know exactly what it is that you are training for.  In fact, some runners might still be in elementary school (going into the fifth grade), while others might not have a cross-country program at their school (Evergreen Public Schools does not have boys middle school XC, while some private schools do not offer XC).  Therefore, the most important request of all new runners is for your patience.  The dividends of your hard work between June and August will be paid in full in September-November, and possibly into December.  Those fall and winter months are the racing season, and anyone who trains in the summer reaps the benefits of racing well because of their efforts.

Whisper training is can be pretty difficult at times, while other times are less challenging.  The two days of running each week are more than enough to introduce your body into the sport of running.  The midweek day, Wednesday, that we are performing aqua-jogging and cross-training support your running by promoting recovery while strengthening your muscles.  Any work outside of Whisper should be in the form of Play.  Play can come in many forms, but the most important form for athleticism is outside play such as Tag, Kick the Can, Laser Tag, or anything else active and on your feet.  Other forms of play that come to mind are hiking, swimming, or biking.  No matter what the form is, the idea is to remain active through the summer months, while limiting the use of any electronic devices. 

If you have any questions about training, cross-trianing, recovery, shoes, or anythign related, please feel free to talk with Coach Dave at practice.