Training Parameters for Middle School Distance Runners (Going into 7th)

Training with Whisper during the summer months will be more than enough to prepare you for the XC season ahead.  During the first half of summer training, we will spend two days each week running, with a day of aqua-jogging and cross-training in the middle (Wednesday's).  It can be very exciting to be surrounded by so many talented and fast runners at practice, so be sure to be smart while you're away from practice. 

The preferred method of XC preparation outside of Whisper training during the summer for seventh graders is Play in the form of climbing trees, playing tag, rock climbing, playing at trampoline parks, or playing in actual parks.  However, if you have noticed that some of your Whisper peers trained between their sixth and seventh grade year, and you wish to do the same, then it's important to know that there is a process to this, with the emphasis on keeping the runs fairly brief for a number of reasons.  If you do wish to get a run in on your own, here are some basic guidelines for the summer months:

June: Consistent attendance at Whisper practices is paramount to your progress.  If you attend practice on a regular basis, then you can consider running an extra day each week when you're away from Whisper training. 

July: This means four extra runs during the month of July - one for each week.  Keep the runs around 20-25 consecutive minutes, learning what "consecutive" means.  It means to be consistent, steady, and patient.  If you feel eager to run fast, do so at the end of your run when you can see the finish.

August: Regardless of whether or not you were able to get in an extra day of running each week during July, August is the perfect time to begin or continue that third day.  If you ran three days, consider adding 5-10 minutes on your runs.  If you were not able to get in the third day, then consider reaching out to a teammate so you can tag along. 

Keep in mind that during our group practices, we  will run approximiately four to seven accumulate miles.  Choosing one consistend day each week to run onyour own will be to your beneift.  If you choose to run an additional day  during the week, be mindful that you could be running on back-to-back days, so proper shoes, adequte sleep, quality foods, and appropriate rest the next day is imperative for your growing and recovering body.

Side notes:

  • These runs are totaly optional.

  • Always run with a partner.  Always.

  • Headphones are a "no no" at Whisper, for both safety and running efficiency.