Hug Mother Earth

With my first bite of quinoa, Laura says, “Your cells are thanking you one bite at a time.”  She is the same person who introduced me to Marion Nestle’s book, What to Eat, who says two consistent phrases near the end of almost every chapter, 1) we vote with our fork, and 2) if we don’t like our food system, take action by purchasing only ethically and sustainably raised foods.  The statement about voting with our fork resonates across many areas of life.  From choosing to purchase combustion engine vehicles versus battery operated, or a veggie patty versus a hamburger patty, we all make decisions that have a butterfly effect of sorts on the environment.  It’s our vote.

Having a tree-hugging bone in my body, I decided to Google some ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and share these tips in the present newsletter.  Certainly many parents at Whisper make an effort to carpool and send their children to practice with a reusable water bottle, which is very much appreciated.  Here are some additional goals we can set to reduce our impact on the environment:

  • Choose sunscreens that are ocean and eco-friendly.

  • Use reusable bags (avoid plastic)

  • Be mindful of over consumption or unnecessary consumption.

  • Turn off lights.Turn off water when not in use.

  • When traveling less than a few miles, consider biking instead.

  • Use mass transit.

The World Wildlife Foundation takes this topic to another level by highlighting ideas around environmental awareness, social norms, living sustainably, and more.  Also, Racing Extinction, is a modern documentary film around the extinction of animals and also our carbon footprint.  Whether it something as simple as turning off a light or eating a conventional meal, we are casting our planetary vote, and she is listening.