Develop Intuitive Eating, with Laura Demeri

Laura Demeri brings a wealth of knowledge centered around practical, applicable, and mindful eating.

Laura Demeri brings a wealth of knowledge centered around practical, applicable, and mindful eating.

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“I have been a whole foods advocate before organic became a household word.  There are two distinct stories that I often share about my time in graduate school.  Both were interactions with Professors of Nutrition, one a very prominent expert in the field, often speaking before congress. She said, and I’ll never forget, “if my client is low in iron, I will tell her to eat cocoa puffs.”  The other started class one day handing out Splenda® packets.  Telling soon to be dieticians, “since you will be advising them to eat this, you should all know what it tastes like.”  By this point in my studies, I could no longer stay quiet.  Here we were, a bunch of motivated and passionately educated individuals in the field of nutrition, perpetuating the message to eat “food like substances.”  When I raised my hand to create a discussion around this fact, my professor said “Laura, we are all not granola like you.”  Mind you, this is New York City and I am a New Yorker, so I laughed at the insult then commented how 65% of our country is overweight therefore the approach/logic isn’t working.  The very next day, I signed up to study health supportive cooking from the Natural Gourmet Institute. 

It was then that a whole new world opened up to me.  One that taught me about food and how it nourishes the body, mind and soul. Real food and how it strengthens the body and calms the mind. Real food and ways to prepare it.  The experience was transformative and ignited a desire to share this information with anyone willing to listen.  My years at Clark College honed my skills as an educator and I was tasked with teaching an array of health courses, one called Food and Your Health.  I loved it! 

I am now working as a health coach at Kaiser Permanente.  Here my training is focused around motivational interviewing as a new way to connect, engage, empower and inspire.  An area that I have worked extensively is with those struggling with disordered eating.   

Working with Dave and Whisper Running, having this unique opportunity to talk with young, incredible individuals during a crucial time in their lives when disordered eating habits usually develop, is truly a gift.  I’ve had the privilege to speak with the AWESOME kids AND parents of Whisper Running and look forward to where this opportunity will take us.” ~ Laura


Laura Demeri has received her Masters of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Science from Queens College in New York City.  She has a professional chef certificate in health supportive cooking from the Natural Gourmet Institute.  She is certified by the Health Sciences Institute as a Certified Chronic Care Professional and Registered Health Coach, by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Fitness Instructor, by Power Pilates as an instructor, and is currently pursuing a certification by Wellcoaches and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.