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USATF Junior Olympic XC Regional Championship

Race: The USATF Junior Olympic Regional Meet. 

Start Times: Same as the Association Meet (once I know, it'll be posted)

Travel: The location of this race is Franklin Park, in the heart of Yakima, WA.

Lodging: From Coach Erik Mickelson of Yakima, "I would strongly recommend you reserve them early as the state volleyball tournament is in Yakima that weekend and they will be filling up fast."  He recommended Expedia, but I will look into getting a block of rooms.

Dinner: There are a few options, but perhaps Zesta Cucina would work?  Please review the menu for options, pricing, and allergy substitutes and let Coach Dave know if there is an issue.  If so, please provide a suggested alternate restaurant.

Whisper Runners: The start times have not been posted yet, but we do plan to meet at the Whisper canopy in Franlin Park within 90-minutes of the start of your race.