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Monday - Pacific Park OR Lacamas Heritage Trail (TBD)

Practice Location Option 1: Pacific Park (1515 N.E. 164th Ave - Vancouver, WA)

Practice Location Option 2: Lacamas Heritage Trail (341 NW Lake Rd, Camas, WA 98607).

Parking at Pacific Park: Using the PDF map as a guide, please park (drop-off) in/at the parking lot between the Off-Lease Dog Park and Extreme Sports Park (Skate Park).  Coach Dave will meet all runners at the large, covered picnic shelter located near the Community Play area.  Training at this location will include running a variety of intervals on the marked (with orange 12" cones) trail.  The outside loop is approximately 1800m, with 1600m being dirt and compact gravel.

Parking at Lacamas Lake: There is a large parking lot on the north side of Lake Rd. where you can drop-off your child or park and walk the Lacamas Trail.

Training Agenda: Cross-Country conditioning and preparation.

All registered Whisper Runners welcome to join.  Not a member?  Go here to find out more about Whisper training.