Whisper Runner of the Week (& Testimonial) – Kiley O’Brien of Frontier Middle School

Photo from the Greater St. Helen’s District Track & Field Meet where Kiley (left) placed second in this race, the 1600m dash.

Serious props to Whisper Runner of the Week, Kiley O’Brien, for her performances at the Greater St. Helen’s District Track & Field Meet.  Kiley, of Frontier Middle School, put up a valiant effort in the 1600m dash, earning second place and matching her season best effort with a 5:42.  Seeded second going into the race, she knew if she was going to have any chance at first place, she would have to go toe-to-toe with the top runner in the conference, and for 800-meters, she did just that.  Her effort was admirable and she walked away very proud of her performance, and rightly so!  Later in that same meet, Kiley placed second in the 800m as well, matching her season best of 2:41.

Over the course of a year, Kiley has made huge gains in both consistency and times.  She has dropped 18-seconds off her mile time (6:00 to 5:42), and her 800m time has improved from a 2:50 in 2016, to 2:41!  Asking Kiley about her experience training with Whisper, she responded: “Training with Whisper Running means to strive to work hard at every practice.  On some of my worst days, when I just don't feel like running, Coach Dave is always so positive and helps me through it even though I might complain.  A lot.  In less than a year with running with Dave, I have taken 20-seconds off my mile time, and if you are a runner, you would know that is a lot of time to take off in a one mile race.  I am so happy that I can be the runner of the week so I tell people how awesome Dave is in so many ways.”

Kiley was the dominant runner for the Frontier Silverbacks this season.  She stands tied for 13th place on the 400m list, having run it only once (1:11.04), second in the 800m (2:41.3), and second in the 1600m (5:41.53). 

Congratulations, Kiley, for being the latest recipient of the Whisper Runner of the Week award.  It is an absolute pleasure to know that you are part of the Whisper team!