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Three Coures Challenge in Warrenton, OR

Race: Three Course Challenge. A first for Whisper, but popular nonetheless. Over 80 teams are expected to compete!

Click here for race information and race start times. Please arrive at least one hour prior to start time to ensure everyone has an opportunity to comfortably prepare for the race.

Race Start Time: 9:00am Boys, 9:05am girls. Click here for information.

Travel: This race takes place at Camp Rilea in Warrington, Oregon, which is 8 miles north of Seaside on Highway 101. Click here to locate Camp Rilea on Google maps.

Runners & Parents: Be sure to have ordered the Whisper singlet and shorts ($60 - see Coach Dave). We will plan to meet at the Whisper canopy at least one hour prior to the start of the first race for Whisper. Please call or text Coach Dave if you have any questions, if you are late, or other: 360-989-0935.