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Monday - Clark College or Hudson's Bay (TBD)

Who: Registered middle school and high school runners preparing for the 2019 Track season.

What: Training for both Sprinters (100m-400m) and Distance (800m-2 mile) runners.

When: Please arrive by 5:55pm. If we are able to meet at the track first (see “Where”), you can begin the evening by checking-in with Coach Dave, placing your belongings under the canopy, and jogging the yellow line on the turf. If we meet inside at Clark College, we will begin with general announcements including workout instructions, so we are more efficient on the track. Announcements will be made as to the training location both here and on Instagram by noon on Monday’s. The track and the gym are close to one another, so if we are not at one, we are at the other.

Where: If the weather is good (no heavy rain), we will meet at the Hudson’s Bay High School Track. If the weather includes a heavy rain, then we will start and finish at Clark College in OSC 135.