Below is a picture of hard work and continued improvement. I've been training Ethan, who is now in the 8th grade, since November 2014. Then he ran 16 seconds in the 100m, 38 seconds in the 200m, and 76 second 400m. Today he threw down two 58 second 400's and 2:15 in the 800m.  The 800m was most impressive, as he ran a negative split of 71 to 64. Both his 400m and 800m times are in the top-10 in the state of Oregon. Though he has come so far physically, where he has improved the most is emotionally. He can tolerate ridiculous workouts and his race discipline today earned him two first place finishes and a second. The second was most impressive though, as he chased a competitor down, who had a 90 meter advantage, in the 4x800m. He was nearly shoulder to shoulder with 100m to go, and that's where he remained. Tough kid!