Sport Psychology

The nerdy stuff...
Sport and Exercise Psychology utilizes Psychological Skills Training (PST), which includes the use of behavior modification techniques to promote intentional focus on a particular task.  In the field of sport, or running in this case, PST enables a runner to run free of mental barriers, with the ultimate goal of reaching peak running performance. There are a number of tools within PST, each with the purpose of enhancing self-confidence in ones abilities and, ultimately, greater and more consistent results.  Tools include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Visualization
  • Self-Talk
  • Concentration
  • Anxiety Management
  • More upon request

How PST is used in Whisper Training...
It takes a savvy approach to identify the needs of every runner.  Some runners may benefit from the use of Goal Setting, while others the use of Anxiety Management.  Regardless of which PST tool a runner benefits from the most, there is no substitute for putting in mileage.  One’s VO2 does not improve through the use of Visualization.  However, regular practice of Visualization can create a greater sense of awareness within a runner, bringing a heightened level of concentration to the task of running.  For example, a guided Visualization session may highlight the more prominent aspects to focus on for elite running technique.  Following a Visualization training session, the runner will then begin his or her training run.  Then, using the Visual Cortex part of the brain, the runner will attempt to mimic the actions visualized during the Visualization session, bringing those actions into the present moment.  In this example, Visualization ties into Concentration and Goal Setting, and ultimately, Self-Confidence. Each of these PST tools works off one another in a very progressive manner.