Whisper Running Camp - Long Beach, WA - July 9-14

Whisper Running hits the road again for the second annual Whisper Running Camp, held July 9-14 in Long Beach, Oregon!  Adventures will consist of miles and miles of fun and exploration as we venture through the local trails and enjoy the proximal amenities.


highlights include:

  • 1-2 daily runs.
  • Daily cross-training.
  • Hikes and exploration around the Long Beach, WA.
  • Surfing with Skookum Surf Co.
  • Team building games and activities.
  • Additional activities include: beach play and park activities, indoor and outdoor games, and more!

nerdy stuff too!

Additionally, at the heart of Whisper Running is an underlying focus on the use of Sport Psychology tools such as Goal Setting, Self-Talk, Self-Confidence, and more.  These tools will be integrated into the camp as runners prepare for the Cross Country season ahead. 

Surf's Up!



who can attend?

This running camp is for youth ages ranging from 13-17.  Runners should have a baseline fitness, and the ability to run at least three consecutive miles at or around 24-minutes without stopping.  The camp will include two coaches, three parent chaperones, and three pacers.  Must pay by check only (thank you).  The camp is open, but this page says "sold out" to avoid online payments (fees).  Please reach out to Coach Dave if you would like more information or would like to know if your child might be able to attend.