Winter Training For Spring Running

Start Preparing For Your 2018 Cross-Country Season Now!

Who is this for?

Whisper Running provides middle school and high school aged athletes a running training program tailored for your off-season cross-country or track season.  Coach Caldwell creates training programs tailored to you, so you will always be challenged. While the training is meant to be engaging and rigorous, it is also made to be fun and social. If you or your child participates in track sprints, middle, or long distance running events, or if you are a beginner runner looking to get started, Whisper Running is for you!


Whisper Running founding principles:

Sports Psychology

Psychological Skills Training enables a runner to run free of mental barriers, with the ultimate goal of reaching peak running performance.


Whisper Running programs and practices are conducted in a manner which creates a skill-challenge balance to help each runner reach their maximum running potential.  This is done in a positive, safe, supportive, and fun atmosphere. 



What Will You Be Doing?

Depending on your current needs, Whisper Running will focus on making you a better runner. Whether you pick group or one-on-one training, your cross country workouts will include:

  • Weekly, off-season workouts.
  • Prescribed interval pace based on regular assessments.
  • Integrated Psychological Skills Training.
  • Video Analysis to assess and improve running gate.
  • Cross-training to ensure an agile and dynamic running body (pending location of running workout).

Coach Caldwell

"My commitment to all of my runners is unwavering.  It is my objective to study their kinetics, understand and enhance their psychology and motives for running, enhance their physical and psychological skillsets as a runner, and help each of them reach their potential in events ranging from the 200m through the 5k."

Dave has not only increased our daughter’s running time since her joining the Whisper Running Club, he has also improved her overall confidence on and off the track. As a result of this, she is taking more challenging classes in school. In both track and her education she continues to excel beyond all expectations.
— Rikki O
Dave’s energy and passion for running is contagious and had an impact on Paige from that 1st meeting forward. She agreed to immediately join his group training. What I witnessed over the next several weeks was amazing! Bit by bit, I saw her rekindle her love of running, regain her strength and confidence and have fun!!
— Stacie N
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