Whisper Running Camp

Bend, OR - July 9-14

Whisper Running is excited to host the first annual Whisper Running Camp, held July 9-14 in Bend, Oregon, just off the Deschutes River!  Adventures will consist of miles and miles of fun and exploration as we venture through the local trails and enjoy the proximal amenities.  Highlights will include:

  • 1-2 daily runs.
  • Hikes and exploration around the Bend, Oregon area.
  • Sun River Market activities (miniature golf, rock climbing, bumper cars, etc.).
  • Sun River Water Park (SHARC).
  • Additional activities include: bike riding, tennis, Frisbee, park activities, paddle boarding, and water play.
  • Hanging out and meeting runnesr from around the Pacific NW.

As a parent considering whether or not to register my child, I believe my major concern would be whether or not my child can tolerate the mileage planned for the week.  The runners attending should be able to run at least three miles without stopping, at a comfortably consistent pace below 9-minutes per mile, doing so twice in one day.  If your child is not ready for this sort of pace, then 2018 might be a better option.  Most runs will be out-and-back, however all runs will be monitored by bicycle and have at least two chaperon's/coaches/parents monitoring at all times.  

Additionally, and most importantly for parents, at the heart of Whisper Running is an underlying focus on the use of Sport Psychology tools such as Goal Setting, Self-Talk, Self-Confidence, and more.  These tools will be integrated into the camp as runners prepare for the Cross Country season ahead. 

Basic (Rough) Itinerary:
Sunday, July 9: Depart Vancouver, WA from the parking lot at Clark College (around 10am).
Monday, July 10: Morning run at a local trail.  Breakfast.  Explore local caves and nature trails.  Lunch.  Park Play.  Evening run.  Dinner.  Board games and outdoor games.
Tuesday, July 11: Morning run at a new trail.  Breakfast.  Enjoy the market, local parks, and eat lunch in Sun River.  Evening run.  Dinner.  Running movie & games.
Wednesday, July 12: Morning run at a new trail.  Breakfast.  Water sports (rafting, paddle boarding, water gun battles, etc.).  Lunch.  More water play, then hike and run at a local trail.  Dinner.  More games!
Thursday, July 13: Morning run at a new trail.  Breakfast.  Enjoy the SHARC in Sun River (all day), which includes lunch).  Evening run.  Dinner.  More games!
Friday, July 14: Morning run at a nearby trail.  Breakfast.  Pack.  Lunch at a nearby restaurant.  Back in Vancouver between 4-5pm.
Saturday, July 15: No practice.  Coach Dave sleeps all day!

Parents of runners (ages 11-16) may contact Whisper Running for additional information.  

*To keep the camp at a reasonable rate, Whisper Running is asking parents to pay by check or cash.  If doing so is not an option, please reach out to Dave Caldwell or call 360-989-0935 to discuss payment options.