Summer Training Runcard


Summer Training Runcard


Why a Runcard?

For families and runners on the go, and only enough time for one to two practices each week during the Summer Training schedule, the Runcard option might serve as a better value. The purchase of this Runcard allows eight (8) practice sessions during the Summer Training season. Summer Training includes additional staffing and facility rentals, hence the reason for the increase in the Runcard cost.

Refund note: barring an injury at the fault of a Whisper employee or practice (i.e., a runner gets tripped-up at practice during intervals and falls, causing an injury, leading to the inability to participate long-term), there are no refunds. If your child cannot attend practice for any reason (i.e., illness, outside obligations, or an injury unrelated to Whisper training/personnel), there are still no refunds. If a facility is closed and Whisper is unable to access the facility (i.e., school closure causing McKenzie Stadium to remain closed), we all eat bullet on this one.

Pay by check made to Whisper Running, $175, and avoid online payment fees by mailing to:

Dave Caldwell
c/o Whisper Running
16409 NE 13th St.
Vancouver, WA 98684

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