Summer Running Camp

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Summer Running Camp


Whisper Running is excited to host the first annual Whisper Running Camp, held July 9-14 in Bend, Oregon, just off the Deschutes River!  Adventures will consist of miles and miles of fun and exploration as we venture through the local trails and enjoy the proximal amenities.  Highlights will include:

  • 1-2 daily runs.
  • Hikes and exploration around the Bend, Oregon area.
  • Sunriver Market activities (miniature golf, rock climbing, bumper cars, etc.).
  • Sunriver Water Park (Sharc).
  • Additional activities include: bike riding, tennis, Frisbee, park activities, paddle boarding, and water play.

Additionally, and most importantly for parents, at the heart of Whisper Running is an underlying focus on the use of Sport Psychology tools such as Goal Setting, Self-Talk, Self-Confidence, and more.  These tools will be integrated into the camp as runners prepare for the Cross Country season ahead. 


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