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There can be great value in training in your own space with the guidance of prescribed workouts from an online coach. This is especially true if you are looking for a program for your child, yet don’t know where to begin. Online Whisper coaching allows the athlete the flexibility to train on their own time, with the guided workouts from an experienced and educated coach. Coach Dave has worked with runners for over 20-years, remains competitive in the running field, and is passionate about the growth and maturation of youth running. To read more of Coach Dave’s bio, his education, and his background, check-out the Coaches page.


Whisper offers three packages, plus amenities, to ensure the most comprehensive and supportive running program for your child. Each package includes weekly workouts tailored specific to your child, to ensure the prescribed paces are appropriate, ensuring optimal maturation. Regular Skye sessions, phone calls, and text messaging are also available, offering optimal access to support your child’s development. All communication is documented and it is imperative that parents are also in-tune with all of the communication between athlete and coach. Depending on your location, there is an option for meeting 1-2 times in a calendar year for a more personal and accountable experience. The three training packages available include:

  • 3 months for $349

  • 6 months for $649

  • 12 months for $1,249


  • Weekly workouts at a prescribed pace.

  • Bi-monthly Skype sessions with runner and parent(s).

  • Unlimited (within reason) phone calls and text messages.

  • Video analysis of running gate.

  • Video analysis of drills.

Training Notes:

  • Training plans are created in 3-month cycles called mesocycles. Each mesocycle has between three and 12 microcycles of training, depending on the time of year. Four mesocycles in a year make up a macrocycle (12-months). These durations are all coach specific, but necessary when it comes to laying out a plan for training that includes work intervals and rest intervals. Rest intervals are one of the most important variable when it comes to placing the appropriate level of stress on a growing body. Essentially, these cycles and the variables within the cycles are a science project, which help make a strong case for a running-specific coach. A minimum of three months of consistent training is essential to seeing results, however, it may take up to a calendar year to truly see the growth and maturation process of any youth runner. Patience and persistence are essential to optimal growth.


  • There is the option for meeting face to face for 1-on-1 consultation(s) up to three times a year, no matter where you live in the United States. The cost is dependent on where you reside and the time of year. To schedule a visit, or to inquire about the specifics, click the Get Started icon at the upper right side of this page.



Online Coaching
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