Junior Olympics 2019

State & Region Results Are In!

Check-out the brief update of results from the USATF Junior Olympic Cross-Country Meets at their conclusion, which can be found on the Whisper Blog page.

Running with Whisper

Running in the USA Track & Field Junior Olympics provides a wonderful opportunity to take your cross-country season to a larger stage!  The JO circuit is a three meet process beginning in November, with the goal of qualifying for the national meet, held this year in Reno, Nevada on Saturday, December 8.

Whisper is one of many USATF running clubs within the Pacific Northwest region.  The first meet of the JO circuit is scheduled for November 10 in Seattle, WA at Woodland Park.  This meet is called the Association Meet and the top five teams or 35 individuals from this meet qualify for the Regional Meet held on November 17 in Yakima, WA.  At the Regional meet, the top 30 individuals and 5 teams qualify for the National Meet held in Reno, Nevada on December 8. The experience to race in these meets is quite amazing for the kids, so it is my hope that yours will want to take part.

In order to take part in Junior Olympics, complete the following steps:

  1. Register with USATF. The cost is $20 and the process is fairly simple.  The registration website will populate USATF Youth teams as you type in your home address.  There are a few teams in the Vancouver/Portland area, so be sure the correct team, Whisper Running (team #310) is the team you select.  To complete the registration, email a copy of your child’s birth certificate to Tracy Silva of the PacNW USATF Office.  Tracy’s email address is pnamember@comcast.net.  Please CC Coach Dave to the email, which typically speeds up the process of registration. 

  2. Uniform: Your child will need a Whisper Running uniform, which are $60 each.  There should be plenty available, but be sure to reach out to Coach Dave about getting yours as soon as possible.  If we do not have a singlet that fits, we can order more, but we need to do so quickly since the process takes about three weeks from order to arrival.

  3. RUNCARD: As long as you have an active Runcard, meet entries are free for your child.  Runcards provide your child with 8 supervised and guided group training sessions with other Whisper runners on the team (not all will run JO’s – by choice, age, or ability).  As the middle school and high school seasons near an end, attendance will become paramount for JO strategic planning.

  4. 2017 JO’s: Check-out the video created by Lindsay Owen, sister of Candi Owen, who was a participant on the National team last year, which took 13th in Tallahassee, Florida!

  5. 2017 RESULTS: Click on the respective links to see Team Whisper results from the 2017 Association, Region, and National meet!

One important consideration is travel.  The Whisper Calendar includes some information on travel (click here for the Association Meet info on Nov 10) including meet location, mode of travel, lodging, food options and more, and as we near the JO meets, more information will be communicated via email.  If you still have questions or would like to join the team, click here to contact Coach Dave.

Nov. 10 - USATF Association Meet

Click here for information on the Junior Olympic race at Woodland Park in Seattle, WA.

Nov. 17 - USATF Regional Meet

Click here for information on the Junior Olympic race at Franklin Park in Yakima, WA.