Coach Dave Caldwell

I am forever in-debt to Ethan for his belief in my system of training, and more importantly, enduring the process.  Ethan's improvement is what lead to Amara and Kiley joining the program, and then officially, Whisper Running was formed.

I am forever in-debt to Ethan for his belief in my system of training, and more importantly, enduring the process.  Ethan's improvement is what lead to Amara and Kiley joining the program, and then officially, Whisper Running was formed.

My coaching career began in 1997 at the Community Colleges of Spokane, where I gained six-years of experience working with the multi-event athletes (heptathletes and decathletes), jumpers, distance runners, and sprinters.  From there, I moved onto colleges in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, leading competitive programs at Mt. Hood Community College and Clark College, all the while coaching countless All-Americans and Conference Championships in events ranging from the 100m to the 10k in track, as well as the Cross-Country 5k (women) and 8k (men). 

My commitment to all of my runners is unwavering.  It is my objective to study their kinetics, understand and enhance their psychology and motives for running, enhance their physical and psychological skillsets as a runner, and help each of them reach their potential in events ranging from the 100m through the 5k.  This means every runner, whether a sprinter or a distance runner, should be able to see improvements and run respectable times following each training cycle.  I understand runners will want to focus on specific events, however it is important to be able to have both top-end speed, as well as the physical and emotional endurance to sustain high levels of speed-endurance.

I earned my Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and then my Masters of Science in Sport & Exercise Psychology.  Though my degrees have landed me a nice career at Clark College where I teach adult health and physical education classes, Whisper Running has enabled me to implement my degrees further into each training session.  Whether an athlete needs general conditioning, speed-endurance training, anxiety management, or simply to learn how to run and race, it is my objective to help runners reach their running goals.

To remain sharp in the field of Sport Psychology, I speak at annual coaching clinics on topics such as Goal Setting, Visualization, Anxiety Management, and more, providing tangible strategies coaches can implement the next day at their practice.  Appreciating the influence a coach may have on an athlete, I am highly sensitive to what and how I communicate for the betterment of my runner’s progress.  Teaching about communication, self-talk and developing self-confidence is paramount in a positive, healthy, and sustainable working relationship with a middle school and high school runner.  I recognize that in addition to developing a runner, I am also developing person who will learn to set goals in many facets of their lives, become a better peer and citizen, and live a healthy lifestyle. 

Sport Psychology and Exercise Science are fields of study I implement in my own life on a daily basis.  I raced in the 400m and 800m in both high school and college and in my late 30’s began racing in local, national, and international half and full marathons.  I am driven to remain in peak condition so that I can run with the groups of runners that I train during each practice, ensuring that they are running their prescribed pace during each workout.  I have had the blessing of qualifying numerous times for both the New York City Marathon and the Boston Marathon, having run Boston twice so far.

Why Whisper?

When my daughter entered middle school cross-country, I was impressed by her head coaches knowledge and enthusiasm, as well as his ability to juggle over 100 middle school runners (all girls).  However, as I began to look around the conference, I noticed a severe need for off-season training.  Many kids attend their track or cross-country practice, only to stand around and/or socialize, not knowing or realizing that track and cross-country are very real sports and they might be able to do fairly well if they are provided with the appropriate training and support system in which to do so.  Running training is a real science, both psychologically and physically.  Like any other sport, running needs off-season training in order to maximize ones potential during season.  As I looked around the middle school conference, I saw this need for off-season training and in October 2016, after coaching for over 20-years, Whisper Running was formed. 

If you are still reading this, then I want to thank you for your time thus far.  Please send me an email using the contact link (above right) so we can get your child started in training for the up-coming season!